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By the entrepreneurs’ side
for M&A, LBO or capital raise

4 fields of expertise


Montfort & Co. successfully works on:

  • Family-owned, Privately held, and Publicly traded companies
  • Foreign and Domestic companies
...whether on Sell-side or Buy-side.

One of the key advantages of Montfort & Co. is its international focus and character. The majority of deals executed by our Firm are cross-border.

Montfort & Co. advises the shareholders and the companies in transferring the ownership of their companies or subsidiary companies in all the stages of the deal process, from strategic planning to the negotiation and the closing of the deal. Montfort & Co. also seeks targets for operational external growth, from strategic planning of an acquisition and identification of the target, to the negotiation and closing of the deal.

Our international network and our multicultural organization give us direct access to targets in most of the developed world.


Montfort & Co. helps the yielding group or management in place to analyze the feasibility of an MBO.

Montfort assists in the negotiation, and in the structuring of the transaction.

Our intervention alongside the management in place can work towards convincing a corporation to spinoff non-core activities in an LBO.

Capital Raising

Montfort & Co. helps companies to analyze their capital needs and to find the means of financing their development.

Montfort & Co. supports:

  • Companies in growth sectors pursuing expansion beyond their home country and seeking value-adding investors who complement the companies expansion into new markets
  • Startups and small-cap, growth companies during the process of recapitalization
  • Management groups seeking reinforcement of their share of equity capital as well as early and middle stage financial investors exiting the company
  • Family companies reorganizing capital with an aim of, for example, allowing the shareholder to exit or reinforce the share of equity capital


The long-term accumulated expertise of our team in the valuation of companies is available to companies in the principal countries where we operate, regardless of the accounting system.