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By the entrepreneurs’ side
for M&A, LBO or capital raise


Montfort & Co. is an organization of professionals well-known and knowledgeable in the fields of M&A and capital investment.

The Principals of Montfort & Co. each count more than 20 years of experience in high level operations having built a network of partners with whom we share a bond of trust.

The Founders of Montfort & Co. previously directed M&A advisory groups within various bulge bracket banks and in industry. We know that discretion and integrity are key to acting in concert with entrepreneurs in achieving their strategic objectives. We do not pursue transactions that do not meet those objectives. Our competitive edge comes from our creativity in structuring deals and our responsiveness to companies needs.

Ultimately, our success is measured by the long-term success of your company.

Comprehensive Expertise

Montfort & Co. advises many types of operations:
• Advising shareholders in the sale of companies in various industries to strategic or financial acquirers
• Advising acquirers in the purchase of companies, whether domestic or cross-border
• Organizing LBOs, whether domestic or cross-border; with or without transfer of executive ownership

These experiences illustrate the breadth and depth of the Firm's knowledge and understanding of the strategic challenges faced by executives and shareholders, as well as daily, operational concerns of the management.

Montfort & Co.

M&A Advisory

Companies & Investments Funds
Foreign and Domestics
Private and Publicly Traded


Feasibility Studies
Organize the Investors
Negotiate and Structure the Deal

Capital Raising

Analysis of Needs
Research of Financing


Company Valuations

Global Network

The deal team advising our clients in their operation always includes one of Montfort's Principals. When a deal includes counterparts of different countries, our foreign network is involved and an ad hoc multinational team is tailored to the deal.

Réseau international

Our unique multinational positioning allows a perfect fusion of local knowledge and cross-border action, avoiding the usual dysfunctions or shifts which can exist between different structures, and distant teams.

This organization also makes it possible to support the success of a transnational negotiation by transcending the differences in cultures and local practices in these types of operations and regulation of the businesses.